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Protection against known and unknown malware, trojans, hacking tools and ransomware through AI-based analysis.

Minimal management effort through automatic response procedures and fast triage through a clear management portal. The management portal contains a lot of intelligence, so limited knowledge is required for a correct assessment of incidents.

The platform offers excellent opportunities for threat hunting; search from a central point for suspicious and abnormal events on all endpoints.



One platform for prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting within the context of all assets of the organization. All in one Agent, fully autonomous and in real time. Take control of the unknown.

Be prepared for new and unknown threats. With a management platform that is extremely suitable for doing triage with limited knowledge. Insight into correlated security incidents within seconds.

With SentinelOne you are assured of

Preventie WIT


Static AI on the endpoint prevents attacks in-line in real time. Consistently ranked for highest efficacy and lowest false-positives, SentinelOne’s static AI model replaces legacy antivirus.

Detectie WIT


Patented Behavioral AI recognizes malicious actions regardless of vector. SentinelOne is the only endpoint security vendor to detect fileless, zero-day, and nation-grade attacks in real time.

Respons WIT


SentinelOne’s patented Behavioral AI fuels ActiveEDR, surgically reversing and removing any malicious activity. Now, every device heals itself in real time. Never reimage a system again.

Threat Hunting WIT

Threat Hunting

The industry’s fastest query times and longest data retention. Advanced actions such as full native remote shell, memory dumps, and pre-indexed forensic context. Hunt more, pivot less.

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