Cybersecure in three steps

At Apex Security you will find tailor-made cybersecurity. We take the worry
off your hands and offer appropriate security solutions for medium-sized
organizations and small organizations with major security issues.

Our service is threefold. We make employees resilient against cyber
threats, provide appropriate security solutions and offer 24-hour
monitoring of the IT environment, whether under our own management or



We prefer to see employees as the first line of defense rather than the weakest link. By training everyone, you make them aware of possible security incidents and you considerably limit the cyber risk. You prevent people from giving criminals access to the IT environment through ignorance or inattention. The power of this human firewall cannot be underestimated.

Knowbe4’s Security Awareness Training Platform is an effective means of raising employee awareness about social engineering and other cyber threats. They are trained and tested for their alertness via the platform.
We set up the platform in such a way that it fits well with your
organization and specific wishes. Think of training campaigns with
appealing images, phishing campaigns with increasing difficulty and customized analyzes and recommendations.


Optimal IT security cannot be achieved without technology and the right configuration. Many cyber risks can be averted with an appropriate combination of proven security solutions. This applies, for example, to cyber intrusions, data leaks and process disruptions. In close consultation, experts map out the risks and come up with a sophisticated plan to minimize them.

Apex Security works with the products of market leaders. Fortinet’s
security products, for example, provide insight into the traffic flows on the network, including the applications that are used. And with SentinelOne’s next-gen solutions, we analyze endpoint behavior using machine learning algorithms that recognize even unknown malware.

Our experts choose the right technology mix and ensure that everything is implemented correctly. If desired, they also take care of the management.


Early detection prevents serious damage from cyber-attacks. If you quickly recognize and neutralize deviant behavior in systems, the consequences will be limited. Our monitoring system analyzes the security logging of your IT environment in real-time. These automated analyzes are available to you 24/7 via extensive dashboards.

Completely outsourcing threat monitoring is also possible. In that case, we take care of the design, monitoring and management of the system.
Trained experts keep an eye on things from our Security Operations
Center (SOC) and provide substantiated advice on how to intervene in the event of incidents. The dashboard is specially designed for your organization. You can always check it yourself.
Take your IT security to the next level! Our experts are happy to tell you